– intelligent, personalized customer service agent for your hotel
Improve guest engagement and drive additional revenue through highly personalized communications via your guests' preferred messenger apps
What is is an automated, intelligent chat bot for hotels. It will help your guests plan their stay, discover things to do, book activities and request personalized services.

No apps to download, no web sites to visit - guest just opens their favorite messenger and gets into direct communications with your hotel.
Where does live?
Facebook Messenger
*WeChat, WhatsApp and other popular messengers will be added soon.

What can it do?
Quick and easy access to hotel services and information will answer questions and respond to service requests:

  • order room-service
  • get a taxi or Uber
  • self check-in and early arrival
  • request late departure
  • ... in the guest's language
Room service
Information about the hotel
Transfers and taxi
Self check-in
Housekeeping and service requests
Upsell opportunities
Messenger apps are a great way to drive additional revenue through personalized communications.

Create special offers that will appeal to your guests.

Room upgrade requests can be offered automatically prior to arrival. Spa visits can be booked in advance. Guest activities can be personalized to your guest's desires.
Special offers
Additional sales
Room upgrades
Useful information for your guests will recommend your guests the best places to visit, from popular bars and clubs to the most coveted restaurants, based on customer reviews.

The bot-concierge knows all about:
  • the best restaurants and bars in town
  • places to visit
  • tours and events
  • shows and concert

And also:
  • where to change money
  • the nearest ATM
  • where to buy a local SIM card
  • what weather to expect tomorrow
Best restaurants
Events in the city
Places to visit
Useful contacts
Communication is a two-way street
Get timely feedback from your guests and improve your services (and ratings)! will survey your guests with quick, timely feedback requests right on arrival or after checkout.
Guest reviews
Can we just chat? :) can have a short and nice conversation, will respond to natural language requests, and when needed will be quick to bring in a human to assist.
What else?
Single guest profile and analytics remembers your guest and keeps track of all their stays. This helps it learn how to make the service more personalized and effective.
Machine learning
With time, your bot will learn to respond to more and more requests from your guests, and will channel them to the appropriate team member. As routine communications are automated and managed by the bot, your staff has more time to focus on personalized service.
This is your bot, not ours (White Label)
The bot represents your hotel, with behavior and flows that are customized to fit your brand.
Flexible customization
Conversation flows can be customized to fit the specific requirements of your hotel, with triggers, offers and other content that are unique for your business.
PMS Integration is integrated with most popular PMS systems and all communications are fully automated for a seamless experience. Current integrations include: Oracle Hospitality (Opera), Infor (HMS and Epitome), and most other HTNG-compliant solutions.
Wi-Fi authorization
Wi-Fi authorization provides a seamless way for the guest to start the conversation.
Integration with external services
We are an open platform with integrations to a variety of external services for automated content delivery, event and availability search, and automated bookings.
- Hmm this is interesting. But I don't have the time…
- No worries, we will handle everything!
How does the guest get into ?
Guest makes a hotel reservation
Reservation gets into the PMS
Bot is notified through integration
An invite is sent
Guest connects with through their own messenger app

More ways to get into
- Personalized, branded Email or SMS communication
- Wi-Fi authentication
- Web site chat widget
Social media widgets and buttons
- Table flyers at Front Desk or in guest rooms
- A simple reminder from the guest service team member :)
How much does it cost?
starting at $60 / month*
* based on the number of rooms and optional features
Happy guests
More revenue
Additional sales channel
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