Service for selling hotel services online helps the hotel sell additional services online, send proactive emails before, during, and after guest stay, automate and improve responses to guests' questions.
Over 200 hotels are successfully selling their services online with
Best IT-solution according to PIR AWARDS 2019 has proven itself the most successful in hotels rated three stars and above, with the number of rooms starting from 50.
Reviews and success cases is the only startup I pay money to!
Ekaterina Protsenko
After replacing printed guest room folders in rooms with, we doubled sales of additional services.
Boris Dorochenkov
Thanks to, our guests can buy any of our services online, from breakfast to event tickets.
Andrey Abramov
We have almost doubled the sales of hotel services with the help of In case we have any questions, support resolves them quickly.
Svetlana Petrechenko is a service for selling hotel services online and a chatbot that is able to answer most of your guests' questions. We utilize all the points of communication with the guest in order to effectively promote and sell your additional services.
Sell any hotel services online
It's as simple as it can be! Guests order any service or product and pay for it online. We send an invoice to the guest and notifications about the new order to your employees. The service is web-based and available in any browser: no need to download any application or print the guest room folders.

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Apple Pay
G pay
How do guests get to
  1. By clicking the button in email letters, which we automatically send to the guest before, during, and after the stay. We receive this data from the PMS system. All emails are sent on behalf of and under the brand of your hotel.
  2. Via chat and widget on your website.
  3. Automatically, when connected to the hotel Wi-Fi network.
  4. Upon check-in, once the reception staff informs the guest about the possibility of ordering services online using the link in the room.
  5. By scanning the QR code placed on the bedside table of their room in place of the guest room folder. We will provide templates of those with a beautiful design.
The chatbot will help with frequently asked questions
The chatbot will answer 80% of the guests' questions about your hotel or connect your employee to the conversation. If you are using the Travelline booking engine, the service will instantly show available rooms upon booking request.

What messengers do we support?
  1. Website chat
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Telegram
  5. Viber
  6. Instagram (2021)
Send smart emails
Based on the data received from the PMS, we send proactive and personalized newsletters to your guests with relevant offers or important information at a selected time before, during, and after the guest's stay.

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Which PMSs are available for integration?
  1. Opera
  2. Fidelio
  3. Logus
  4. 1C-Hotel
  5. Shelter
  6. Clock PMS
  7. Epitome
  8. Edelweiss
  9. AYS
  10. Bnovo (2021)
Manage orders, content, receive reports
Concerning your and your employees' time and comfort, we have developed an easy to work with admin panel where you can set up notifications of new orders and requests for employees, customize any content, receive automatic reports, monitor employees KPIs and additional services sales channels.

Which operational automation systems are available for integration?
  1. TeamJet
  2. Hkeeper
  3. HotelKit (available in Spring 2021)
How to connect
  1. You sign the contract and pay the invoice for the first month.
  2. You gather the content, set and customize the widget, chatbot templates, and proactive email letters. Or you can consign this process to our experts at an additional cost.
  3. Your IT specialist sets up the PMS integration. We provide a comprehensive tutorial. Our support is at your service if something is not working out.
  4. You place a QR code in every room of the hotel. We'll provide nicely designed templates.
  5. You add one phrase to the script of the reception staff: "To order services or contact the reception, please scan the QR code at our counter or in your room."
  6. Your IT specialist sets up a redirect to widget once the guest connects to Wi-Fi.
Usually, the entire process takes up to 2 days. Please allocate the time for the launch.
Which PMSs are available for integration?
  1. Opera
  2. Fidelio
  3. Logus
  4. 1C-Hotel
  5. Shelter
  6. Epitome
  7. AYS
  8. Clock PMS
  9. Edelweiss

In 2021, we are planning to complete the integrations with Bnovo, ProHotel, Interhotel.
How do we process guests' personal data? полностью соответсвует 152-ФЗ, Наш регистрационный номер в реестре обработчиков ПД РФ, согласно 152-ФЗ.

1. Полный маршрут персональных данных.
Начиная от момента запроса системы с PMS. ПД отправляются на наш принимающий сервер по протоколу SSH с использованием шифрования по персональному ключу, ключи и логины уникальны для каждого клиента. На уровне сервера SSH дисковое пространство закреплено за каждым клиентом используя механизм подмены корневой системы chroot jail. Далее обработчик загрузки загружает нужные ПД в нашу систему и удаляет пришедшие файлы.

2. Протоколы для передачи данных используемых в облачных системах. работает только по протоколам, поддерживающим шифрование HTTPS, SSH, других не используется.

3. Способы хранения.
ПД хранятся в отдельном сегменте приватной подсети, без прямого доступа из сети интернет.

4. Способы обработки.
ПД используются для персонализации работы с пользователем и включают в себя следующие возможные шаги:
– Отправка уведомлений пользователю, используя полученный из PMS email;
– Проверка факта заселения гостя в отель, отправка напоминаний и предложений, связанных с временем проживания гостя в отеле, при условии, что в данных есть информация о бронировании.

5. Способы защиты.
Мы используем несколько серверов, разделённые на разные сегменты по уровню защиты. Всего сегментов три, в каждом своя отдельная подсеть:
– Публичный — в нем расположены сервера на которые поступает внешний трафик, они жестко отделены от внутренних сегментов используя фаервол и правила роутинга трафика;
– Сегмент серверов приложений – в нем находится вся выполняемая логика;
– Сегмент серверов баз данных.

Между собой сегменты соединяются через отдельный роутер без доступа к сети интернет и на уровне роутера разграничены по доступности между собой. Например публичный сегмент не имеет маршрута до сегмента баз данных, и имеет доступ только на балансировщики сегмента приложений. Доступ к площадке осуществляется через защищенный туннель по уникальным для каждого сотрудника реквизитам с записью в журнале.
Which operational automation systems are available for integration?
  1. TeamJet
  2. Hkeeper

In 2021, we are planing to complete the integrations with TNG, HotelKit.
Which messengers and channels do we support?
  1. Chat for your website
  2. Telegram
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Viber
  5. Facebook Messenger
  6. Yandex.Alisa
In 2021, we are planing to start supporting VK, Instagram, WeChat.
How do we process payments?
Our main acquiring bank is Sberbank. All payments go through a secure payment gateway. We accept all types of cards for payment, as well as Apple Pay, Gpay, Samsung Pay.

We also have several backup channels in case Sberbank is out of shape :)
Which services can we sell?
Any! Starting from Room service, ending with bicycle rental, barbecue rental and certificates for the New Year holidays.
How will employees get to know about new orders and requests?
Employees get notifications with a sound signal in the back office. We also notify them by email and in messengers of their choice.

Employees receive only those notifications for which they are responsible. You can also schedule employees' working hours so that they don't get disturbed on their days off.

If the employee misses the orders, we will notify your manager or other employees. We also track statistics and let you know the amount of loss due to the late order processing.

We will send new orders and guest requests to your operational automation system in case you use any.
How many languages do we support?
Currently we support 10 languages:
- Russian
- English
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Ukrainian
- Chinese
- Korean
- Arabic (including inverted interface)
Do we have any statistics? What about reports?
Yes, we provide comprehensive statistics for the usage and online sales of your services in the back office. You can schedule automatic reports being delivered to your email as often as you need.

If you use Yandex or Google analytics system, we'll be happy to send all the data there.
Do you provide accounting reports?
Of course. All the accountants we work with are absolutely delighted :)
Our partners and integrations
The only desire we have is to help you sell more!
The team is always at your online service!
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